Off to the printer!

Overnight the world changed. Did you feel it?

Last night Jenna, our designer, uploaded the print files for our book to the printer. And this morning Jenna-2, the printer’s rep (who ironically happens to share the same name as our designer!), downloaded the files at their end.

Meanwhile, also yesterday, Hanna, our editor/mentor at Beaver’s Pond Press, sent over the work order, confirming that our credit card is ready to cover the print charges (oooooooooh, that was a big scary swipe on the credit card!).

Today we’ll be assigned a spot in the printer’s line-up of print jobs.

Any time now our Kickstarter campaign will get a green light, and we’ll start raising funds, inviting the rest of you to own a piece of our excitement, imagination, joy … and a copy or two of the book as well! Seriously, this is “any time now” — I keep checking my email as though that can somehow speed up the process; it doesn’t, of course, but we will be approved in the next 2 minutes or 2 hours or 2 days. And I’m hoping we’re down to the minutes! [Update: It’s live!! You can pledge support now through November 24.]

Then sometime in early November, Joan and I will meet Hanna out at Beaver’s Pond Press (in Edina) and review our full color proof. After we look over every detail, from front cover to back cover, from text to page trim, from images to edge sheets, we will say …

Okay, give us another 1500 of these!!

Whole Cover

And then it really begins!

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One thought on “Off to the printer!

  1. Daniel Maurer

    What a fine idea! Excellent, David.

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