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Thanks for your interest in When God Was a Little Girl!

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The rest of the details …

We use PayPal to process your transaction securely. You’ll have the option of selecting “standard shipping,” which uses USPS Media Mail. It will get the book to you in 4-7 business days depending on how far you are from the Minnesota.  For a couple dollars more you can choose “Priority Mail,” which will get you the book in 2-3 days (although that may lag by a day in the Christmas rush). Note: you can’t choose Priority Shipping until you reach check out, but once you’re there, you can upgrade to Priority Shipping if you wish.

International shipping? Yes! Unfortunately, there is no “Media Mail” (discount) option for international shipping, and postage costs rise quickly. In most cases, you can get a second book for almost the same shipping charge as the first one, so it often makes sense to order 2 book at time. Questions? Contact me, David — drw59(dot) — and we’ll go from there.

You’ll notice we discount the book from it’s $19.95 retail price on the website – why?

Short answer: we don’t want shipping charges to keep you from buying … and we don’t want to lose you to Amazon. So we offset the shipping costs a bit by lowering the price online. The book is available on Amazon, and they do try to underprice us so much that you’ll be tempted to save money by shopping there. But you should know they can undersell almost everyone because they demand a 50% discount when they buy from the warehouse. That means they pay only $9.95/book. By the time the warehouse takes out their fees, we see just a tiny fraction of what you pay on Amazon. In fact, Amazon makes about twice what we do on each book of ours they sell!

We’re grateful to be on Amazon, because that lets us reach people who otherwise wouldn’t find the book. But since you found us here, we hope you’ll order right from us. Far more of your purchase price actually reaches us–the author and the illustrator–when you order here. So if you do that, thank you!

Ready to buy now?

Buy Now Button  We hope so!

A last word …

We’re also happy to support brick-and-mortar (“walk in and browse”) bookstores. Whether you have a favorite local bookshop or enjoy Barnes and Noble, you can go to the bookstore of your choice and ask them to carry the book. It’s available to bookstores across the country! Those orders also help us, because they give bookstores a chance to see the book when it comes in–and maybe the incentive to carry in their store.


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