Planting Seeds

Planting seeds. So many loose (almost rebellious) ends to bring together to make the book ready for birth. One of them is launching this website. Lots to fill out on these pages, but the soil has been turned and a few seeds tossed in here and there. Back later.

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One thought on “Planting Seeds

  1. Cathy Shiel-Reardon

    David and Joan:
    The first time I read one copy of your book I quickly listed people off the top of my head I had to share it with. It was like I finally found a language that touched me and related to the way I think and feel and believe and live. Standard Church and God words feel stale and rigid. Everything about your symbolism touches me-theparent-child connection, the fluid feel of the car setting where dreams can evolve, the Creation story being used to represent the power of God’s energy and limitless love, the use of colors/nature/physical art to stand for the creative process of imagination. And all this was after I felt the main issue that the title and first couple of pages make clear-your theology that knowing/understanding God has to come from personal experience, and only our “selves” can reach for that image.

    All of this is to say that God as Girl at least responds to that gender issue. It is so obvious to me that God cannot be a gendered God. I do remember first grade Cathechism where I was taught God is limitless! A feminine God seems to be one way to increase the view of God beyond only male. And our next step is beyond the human image to a bigger image.

    We ordered 20 copies right away and then had to go for another 15 before Christmas 2015. Today I plan to order another 15 copies for my adult friends that I talk God with. This is because my husband usurped our first batch so he could give it as a Christmas gift to every one of his nieces and nephews with children of their own. Thank you messages came quickly as we heard what a special experience the parents had when sharing the book with their children for the first time. They said “my daughter got so excited and asked a lot of questions”. Is there any better testimony than that? This is a very special book.

    My husband Pat and I are good friends with Greg, and Pat has written and published several books with Greg. You could not have a better publisher. I can imagine marketing this to college theology courses, every children’s religious program out there, and every group of people I know.

    Kudos to your creative Spirits and to the ability to implement a dream. Love comes through. Love is it. Your book stands with absolutely any book I have ever seen.

    A partner in the search,
    Cathy Shiel-Reardon

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