Host Students!

This is not a public page. You can only access it by invitation using the direct link provided to you.

Because you’re one of our former host students, I’m inviting you (if you wish!) to order one or two copies of my children’s book, When God Was a Little Girl.

International shipping gets very expensive ($25/book!) — more than the price of the book itself, and that can make it too expensive to consider buying a copy.

I have a small number of books with a printer’s smudge on one page. It’s a small mark (just 1-2 cm long) and looks a bit like a pen streak or sometimes a thin sponge smudge. It’s only on one page, and barely noticeable, but because this is a picture book, the publisher refunded the printing cost on these books. So I can send a copy to you for just $5, plus the price of shipping, without losing any money on it myself.

(The $5/book will mostly go to cover the PayPal fees and the currency exchange. I’m not looking to make money on your purchase. I’m HAPPY to share the book with you … I just can’t afford to send them out internationally unless you cover the postage.)

Use the buttonBuy Now Button with Credit Cards to the right to purchase ONE copy of the book for $5 for the book and $25 for shipping; $30 total charge to your credit card.

If you’d like a second copy, I can send you two copies for $10, plus $25 shipping because I can fit both books in the same flat-rate padded envelope.

Use the button Buy Now Button with Credit Cardsto the left to purchase TWO copies of the book for $10, plus $25 for shipping; $35 total charge to your credit card.

Your credit card company and PayPal should take care of the currency conversion. If you have any problems with this, send me an email and I’ll try to get it figured out.

I can only fit two books in the $25 padded envelope that the Post Office uses; if you want more than two copies email me, and I’ll see what I can work out.

I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the book. If you plan to keep it, let me know that and I’ll write something in it for you. If it will be a gift to someone, tell me that, and I can write something special for them.


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